Seasonal tour: From mid-May to July and From November to December
(Between these months this tour runs daily)

Mobula rays are majestic marine animals that migrate in large groups to the Sea of Cortez & Pacific Ocean around the southern Baja California peninsula in Mexico.

They dazzle us leaping out of the sea and showing their entire body before flapping back down with a splash. Because of this behavior, they are called the “flying rays” and thanks that, we can easily spot them from the boat and enjoy the acrobatic movements that perform!

The real magic happens when you jump into the water and find yourself surrounded by hundreds of thousands of them, gliding peacefully through the water, moving their bodies smoothly with so much grace!

It’s a beautiful way to connect with nature. You will remember it for a lifetime.

And you thought the bellyflop was just for fun?

In the Sea of Cortez, mobula rays gather up their strength to get out of the sea, soar as high as they can, and then crash back to the water with the biggest bellyflop possible.

Scientists are not certain why mobula rays do this, but it is believed to be a mating ritual, or a way of getting rid of parasites. It’s mostly the males who do the bellyflopping, but some of the gals get into the action, too.

Mobula rays are smaller cousins of the manta ray and are also known as devil rays or flying rays.

You can see and enjoy this spectacle with us. 

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  • Mask, fins, wetsuit
  • Life jacket (optional)
  • Fresh Water, fruit, and snacks
  • Professional photography
  • Bilingual guide English - Spanish
  • Tour around the Land’s End area: see Lover’s Beach, the Sea Lion’s Colony, the famous arch, and the Pacifc
  • High quality service
  • Lots of fun!


  • No previous experience required
  • Basic snorkel and swimming skills
  • Sign waiver

Start Time

From mid-May to July and From Nov to December.
Tour runs daily
Flexible schedule AM or PM  


3 hours


Cap or hat
Water camera 

Not Included

Tips for the crew


$ 150 per person
    photogrpahy included

Martin +52 1 (624) 150-1900


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