Striped Marlin Experience

Magadalena Bay is 31 mile long bay, protected from the Pacific Ocean by the unpopulated sandy barrier islands of Isla Magdalena and Isla Santa Margarita.

The largest village is Puerto San Carlos, a commercial fishing village, where local knowledge is passed down from father to son.

Close to 100 miles of mangrove-lined channels and shoreline encircle the area, and where the mangroves stop, the desert takes over. There is no dependable water source in the region, which has greatly restricted development; there are also no big-boat marinas, very few hotels and
Restaurants with regional seafood specialties.

It’s one of Baja’s last frontiers, but there are few other places on Earth where so many billfish congregate so predictably.

Have you ever realized that in this days fantastic diving spots are nearly impossible to get to?

It’s easy to understand that the more remote a location is, the less fishing and tourism pressure it receives. A prime example is Magdalena Bay, on the Pacific coast of Mexico’s storied Baja Peninsula.

Its relative inaccessibility has allowed it to remain one of those rare places that time has virtually forgotten.

On the Ball

One of the most amazing sights at Mag Bay is watching hordes of striped marlin chase schools of Spanish sardines and tinker mackerel to the surface. The baitfish school together for protection; the ones on the outside are the first to get eaten, so naturally everyone wants to be in the center.

The result is a living, moving ball of fish, with marlin and often sea lions in pursuit. The fish push the bait to the surface, then attack it from below. The frenzy attracts frigate birds that swoop in from above. If you spot a collection of frigates in Mag Bay between late September through early December, they are most likely on striped marlin actively balling bait. As you get closer, you can spot the marlins’ fins slicing the surface. Time to get ready and jump in to the blue, to see this natural spectacle very close, the real action is happening around you, be part of that, It’s simply incredible to witness.

During our expedition to the Striped marlin, we always have the magic of the unknown and each jump is an opportunity to find an incredible diversity of marine animals; striped marlin, white marlin, sail fish, sea lions, mahi-mahi, dolphins, whales, orcas, sharks, a countless variety of birds, and so much more, explore and live the adventure whit us.

If you are a natural lover, looking for action and adrenaline, this is your adventure!

Join us to explore the unknown of the blue waters;
predators hunting in his natural environment, unexpected encounters, where everything is possible.

Only the truly adventurous need apply. 

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The Experience

First day we pick you up at your hotel in Los Cabos, and we will take you to Magdalena Bay
where we will stay in one hotel five minutes away from the pier. 

Each morning for the next three days, after breakfast, we will go to the sea, in shaded fast chase boats, looking for the action! Once we reach the marlin’s feeding grounds, we start looking for bird activity, when we spot frigate birds, we will approach to that area, gear up and immediately we jump in and enjoy the marlin hunt, making close passes, but never coming into contact with the divers, they are one of the fastest hunters of the sea but also extremely accurate. After the bait ball is completely consumed (could take minutes, sometimes hours) we regroup in the boat and go in search of the next ball.

On board we provide beverages and food; Water, sodas, fruit, snacks, and lunch box.  We will be back to the shore in the afternoon, time where we can relax, rest, and download images in the hotel before heading into a local restaurant for dinner together. Day number 5 after breakfast we return back to Cabo San Lucas. 


  • Round trip transportation from Cabo San Lucas (aprox. 5hs each way)
  • Four nights accommodation in a local hotel on double occupancy basis (ask us for private room options)
  • Light breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages
  • Three full days in the ocean
  • Professional underwater photography
  • Experienced guide


  • No previous experience required
  • Basic snorkel and swimming skills
  • Sign waiver


From October to December


5 days (3 full day in the ocean)

What to Bring

3 to 5mm Wetsuit
Mask, snorkel, fins
Cap or hat
underwater camera
cash in local currency

Not Included

Tips for the crew
Snorkel equipment (for rent)
Hotel in Cabo San Lucas before and after the trip.  

Striped Marlin Experience 5 Day Tour

$ 1550 per person

Martin +52 1 (624) 150-1900


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